The final week of applications for the St.Andrews Fashion Show competition will close on Wednesday 29th October, any designers interested still have time to apply for this award by submitting a draft for five-piece collection inspired the given theme.

This year’s creative theme is “Eyes Wide Shut” inspired by dreams and reality: the delicate boundary
between what is real and what exists only in our mind.
“We think we see things, that our eyes are wide open, but we are ignorant and oblivious, our eyes wide shut…”

The Young Designer Award is a platform created by the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show for upcoming UK-based emerging designers and runs alongside the nine-month FashionShow fundraising and fashion campaign centred on shows in both London and St Andrews. The show is the largest student-run fashion show in the UK and in it’s 23 years has raised over £300,000 for charities.

This year marks the fifth edition of The Young Designer Award that offers young designers a platform to showcase their work alongside high-profile names such as Nicole Fahri, Victoria Beckman, Tommy Hilfiger, in a unique mix of emerging and established talents.

Five finalists of the competition will showcase their collections at the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show – the largest of its kind in the UK – in front of an audience of national and international press.
The winner will receive a cash prize of £1000.


For the full Creative Brief click HERE

To apply, click HERE to fill out the application form.
Successful applicants will be notified and prompted to design their 5-piece collection within the design brief.
They will then be given a short interview by the judging panel who will select the five finalists.
The designers will then have ten weeks to create their collection before the show where their creations will be presented on the catwalk.


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