Inspiration with Marija Popadnicenko


Almost every creative person at some stage feels a lack of inspiration, even fashion design students. ‘Where’ and ‘how. become big question to every creative person. There is no formula to follow and there is no right or wrong way to find inspiration.

Luckily, experience is the best teacher, and as we grow older, we learn what works best for us.

Marija Popadnicenko is a young fashion designer, always energetic and passionate about fashion. She is always looking for what inspires her and at the same time she is an inspiring young talents for us. She is currently working as a designer for Max Mara and has been doing so since she graduated from Polimoda.

We discuss with her design process and where she finds inspiration.

Fashion Spyder: What do you think is true creativity?

M: You have to feel creativity and it has to move you in some way. Behind any piece of art in whatever form it should not seem like there was someone trying too hard to expose the meaning of the actual piece. If it’s something pure, real and authentic and makes everyone surprised then it’s real creativity.

F: What is your starting point in the design process?

M: It’s never the same. Sometimes it’s colour sometimes it’s a piece of fabric, sometimes you can even start a collection just with a word.

F: What is the kind of woman you are always searching for as a muse?

M: I love to find an aspect that I never knew existed in every woman, and discover that it is the inspiration that I was searching for!

F: Where do you start to search for inspiration?

M: I find vintage clothes and furniture very inspiring because only the actual garments can tell the story of who was wearing it, how, what for and when. Then you kind of start thinking what made this garment look modern in the times when it was worn and what is the detail, color or shape that makes it so beautiful today. This combination of real and unknown intrigues me alot.

F: How does everything piece together to create a collection?

M: Sometimes it can take lots of time and alot of force to give a shape to a collection, although sometimes it just pieces together in no time. The collection comes together so much easier when you have a clear idea what you want to say with it. That’s why it is so important to spend time doing good research.

F: What do you think is the most important characteristic to be a designer?

M: Be curious and always inspired.

F: Do you have any suggestions for graduating fashion designers?

M: Graduating a fashion school is just a one way ticket to your future train. I would suggest not missing that train and always moving forward.

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