Kate Moss in British Vogue December edition 2013-02

Kate Moss in British Vogue December edition 2013-02

When it comes to promoting your fashion business or latest collection, a fashion film is a definite must-have. We now have so many platforms for self promotion and hosting a video will help to present the mood, movement and drama of your work. Setting a changing scene as a backdrop for your creations can give so much more freedom to work with colours, light and shadow and the interplay with these elements can bring a deeper understanding to your statement as a collection or brand identity.

Famous for her work in front of camera, supermodel Kate Moss has turned the lens around to try her hand at directing. In a fashion film commissioned for the September edition of British Vogue, Moss has directed and cast a short film called The Wolf in Her.
Set deep in the woods and starring fellow model Lara Stone modelling for a Mario Sorrenti photoshoot, Moss used a Super 8 camera to capture a dreamy surreal aesthetic and used music from her husband, Jamie Hince’s, band The Kills for the score.

Crossing disciplines in any creative industry is always a good insight into how others see the world and in this case you have the opportunity to see a fashion shoot through the eyes of one of the worlds most successful models and artist muse, Kate Moss.

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