Interview with Milan Stamenovic


Milan Stamenovic is a 27 year old designer of Serbian origin. His brand Milius is based in Florence, Italy. Milan graduated with honours in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and has specialized in Haute Couture and Costume. His collections are produced in Italy. Milan’s work is the fruition of a reflection which takes shape in the form of sophisticated artistic versatility and extreme attention to detail. His world encompasses carpets, damask and manufactured brass products, scents of the forest and incense, a crossroad of cultures that come together and live together in a style where eclecticism is the answer to the contemporary.

Fashion Spyder: What have you been up to recently? And what are you working on at the moment?

Milan Stamenovic: I have been searching for suitable companies to produce my collections, garments and accessories. Companies that are interested to do long term business and see opportunity in mutual cooperation.

At the moment I’m working on finishing the “Hunter” collection of which there is preview on the MILIUS website. It is inspired of the world of mechanisms of governance in ancient times. It is a look back at the foundations of our society in the cultural and philosophical aspects. That is about the jewellery. Now, I’m also creating a couture hat collection. Hats that are all unique pieces, hand made in silk and decorated with feathers and jewellery compositions.

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FS: How do you describe your brand to people?

Milan: I like to think that, if my motivations are to bring the poise to the person why wears my work and to give sublime definition to the objects created by myself, I would sad that my description of my brand is composed beauty in harmony with being as human and doing as a free person.

The role of creativity is put in a good use making space for timeless values. Creating a garments or accessories gives me pleasure to channel and to introduce the ideas of youth, the essence of applied art and to share the beauty.

My brand is open to everyone. I think that the appeal between those who chose MILIUS have in commune a good taste and sense of appreciation for them self and the stile of life that they chose.

FS: What drew you to fashion? Was there a defining moment or was it more a culmination of things?

Milan: If I may say, that my obsession with aesthetics led me through many aspects of beauty. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in painting. I worked on the sculpture, relief, restoration, photography and design… After which I specialized in modeler in leather and in high fashion and culture of costume. That gives me a proper direction when I want to go.

FS: What are your central design philosophies?

Milan: My central design philosophies are and is the eclecticism. Many different experiences related into  one object, making it very rich in ideas and meanings, and making it a particularly beautiful and interesting.

FS: Who or What has influenced your designs the most?

Milan: I am influenced the most by the life it self. The Creator gives the life, such a complicated and delicate trip, and my place is to observe it and transform the conclusions into design work.

FS:Where does your inspiration come from when you’re working on a collection?

Milan: The write inspiration can be contained in a single drop of the morning dew, if you can see it. The most unusual moments in a day or in deferent experiences makes me realize the uniqueness of the moment which I use in creating process. Of course fashion is a system with rules to be respected. So in combination with them and with right creative inspiration I’m able to design.

FS: When you create something, what goes through your mind?

Milan: The first thing that I ask myself is what the client is going to feel? I’m creating fashion moods and this question is basic thought on my mind. The second thought is material choice which serves the first idea. Then the ways to realize what I’m creating. And than series of adjustments ideas to make the work better. Never loosing the site of my basic aesthetics principles.


FS: How long does it take you to make a collection, from your first ideas to the finished product?

Milan: Sometimes I don’t feel a need to draw more then one sketch, depending on experience and whether I realize the collection alone or not. That means that I spending more time searching for write materials to include it into collection. Otherwise I prepare the book whit detail descriptions and hand it over into production. Going solo and make unique pieces by myself takes a lot of time but the results are as you can see. TIME COLLECTION was ready in tree months.

FS: Of all the collections/projects you’ve completed, which ones have been the most fun, challenging, or even frustrating?

Milan: I believe in the prosperity of each new collection to come and as experience the next project gives me more thrill then any last one, it gives me the challenge and yes it can be frustrating. Until now TIME COLLECTION was the most fun to do, given circumstances that I’m finishing other collections this answer will be outdated in few weeks.

FS: What was the first piece of jewellery you ever made?

Milan: As a little child I discovered my mothers brooch in the shape of a ship with many sparkling zircons. I disassembled it pretending to hide the treasure… Some time after that I realized that I can put things together and make treasure composing them along, not splitting them a part. That is how I began to think of the jewellery.

The first piece of jewellery that I ever made was created a long time ago. It was a gift to someone dear to me.

FS: Have you got any jewellery/accessory which conjures up special memories?

Milan: The Accessories and specially the jewelry have a secret power to conjures up special memories. The memories of dear people and special events are always the foundation of receiving the gifts such as them.  One grand part of things that I have is full with memories…

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FS: There’s a strong element of craft to your work  – is that central?

Milan: The present of the craft as strong element in my work is the medium to realize the central idea. It is a mirror of the inspiration I started with, which is a center. The idea is the star to follow. And I do support particular manufacturing because that makes clear presents of the soul in the object itself.

FS: What is a typical day for you?

Milan: I am a morning person, I start a day early. Go to the studio and when I see my working desk I know what I have to do that day. After that I go to the lunch with my friends. Come back to the studio and continue the work sometimes until the late hours. I think it is a luxury having each day different from another, being fulfilled and feeling satisfied doing proper job and be creative in the same time. Sometimes happened to find myself on the photo shoot or making new connections, or just being inspired end drawn into sketching… Late et night I like to see a good movie while watching it I usually falling to asleep.

FS: Where do you feel most at home?

Milan: My country of origin, Serbia, is really close to Italy, in any case the sense of being home is always present wherever I am. I didn’t sent such a difficulties while my studies or trips that I made. May be I fill most et home at the place when I lose myself in designing and imaging my world. Of course the presence of the family can’t replace anything. Wherever they are with me that place becomes home.

FS: Do you have an all-time favourite artist who you’ve loved forever?

Milan: Seeing all that artists and extraordinary amount of art work and master pieces, after years it’s being clear to me that I like the most Rembrandt van Rijn. But I don’t want to exclude others that I like such as Salvador Dalí, Francis Bacon and many others.

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FS: Do you consider yourself an artist, or a businessman ?

Milan: After everything that I done until now I can’t say less that I am an artist. I’m glide that I have one character feature which is the eclecticism which permits me to be creative into many fields. Es an artist I think that I was fortunate enough to have either a business sense. 

FS: How do you intend people to feel when wearing your designs?

Milan: I want people to feel like they are wearing a part of their own dreams, wearing their own memories, and they can stay in touch with them self. I intend that if a client chose my design it’s in a way a mirror of personal characteristic which drawn it into that choice. I like that my design speaks to the customer, to inspire him, to move him, to give him a proper mood… I like to design emotions.  

FS: Is there one thing that you don’t like a woman/man to wear?

Milan: The choice is a gift. I like to think that everyone is free in their choice. Things that I don’t like a woman/man to wear I simply don’t design. Crucial factor in designing process is that each of us designers need to ask him self how the customer will be feel in this design? Me being costumer too allows me to think more open, and specially to observe people while their buying. It gives me more experience when I start to sketch.

FS: So do you prefer the beauty within detail, or the grand gesture?

Milan: My versatility can’t permit me to focus just on one of this two. In a way creating something I can concentrate more on the detail, while creating something else I put the grand gesture in the first prospective.

FS: What’s you’re favourite era of fashion?(Trend or time period)

Milan: In each fashion era I found something interesting and inspiring, something to learn from. My favourite period are the 50’s, actually one designer in particular, which have sense of really rear elegance. I’m sure that you know who it is. 

FS: If you weren’t a fashion designer, what do you think would you be?

Milan: I can’t escape of my nature, anything else if I would do it will be something innovative and creative.

FS: Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?

Milan: To be honest I do have some plans. As I sad earlier my intentions are finding suitable companies that are interested producing my collections. And that is something that I working on for a while. About the creative aspect I already mention the arrival of some new collections. For those that I didn’t mention I’ll let you know when the time is right.

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