Inspiration Lies Beneath

The ‘campaign’ is one of the tools a fashion brand to build it’s image within the world of fashion.

Seen from the point of view of a photographer it is always a big challenge because inspiration comes from an existing idea or image and adapting that to the request of the brand a photographer can show a different impact. It’s always a compromise between the style of the brand itself and creating something new

For brands and designers looking to make a big impact it always important to choose right photographer for a particular campaign. Photographers take their inspiration from a style which gives them a particular emotion or feeling but in the many of the cases photographers can be inspired by other famous photographers, even the biggest names in fashion photography are inspired this way.

As an example of this you can see how famous fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot in an issue of LOVE Magazine were inspired by Jeff Bark’s Woodpecker series (circa 2007).

Jeff Bark 1

Jeff Bark 2007

Mert and Marcus 1

Mert and Marcus for Love Magazine #6

Jeff Bark 2

Jeff Bark 2007

Picture 1

Mert and Marcus for Love Magazine #6

Currently in the fashion world there is such a saturation of imagery and ideas it can be very difficult to create a unique personal style. Almost everything has already been done but technical skills and know-how that only come with experience can be developed by the artist combined with their own creativity to create something new. Fashion brands should be able to understand the possibilities that a photographer or artist has to offer.

In our blog we will try to deepen into the world of photography and in particular fashion photography by reviewing the photographers that are part of the Fashion Spyder Network and help choose the right photographers for the right campaigns of new and exciting designers.

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