The International Apparel Federation (IAF) and the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) announced a partnership for the 2014 IAF Student Award. 

The competition aims to showcase the work of fashion graduates to the industry and create an opportunity for young professionals to present their work on their international platform in the fashion industry.
Registration for the 2014 Student Awards is now open and offers fashion graduates the chance to win a six month paid internship with a major global brand. Previous award winners have been placed in brands such as Supertrash and Diesel.
Last year students from over 63 international fashion institutes took part in the competition.

IAF 2013 Winner Marga Weimans         image from IAF

IAF 2013 Winner Marga Weimans image from IAF

This award distinguishes itself from other design competitions by awarding also excellence in the more technical and managerial fields of product development and branding.
For those interested in applying here’s the information from the IAF:

Submissions for the awards are judged by a panel of industry experts who will be looking for criteria such as attention to fashion trends, commercial applicability, technique and technology based on three categories :
1. Design
2. Product development
3. Branding

The Prize:
The prize will consist of a paid internship of a maximum of 6 months at a globally operating and well known company, such as Diesel and VF (Timberland, The North Face, Napapijri). The winners in each category will be announced at the IAF annual Convention at the end of September and given ample attention by the international industry media.
How to enroll, step by step:
1. Download the registration form here Download registration form
2. Fill it in completely
3. Attach to your email:
1. the registration form
2. photographs of the final product
3. A file with:
 A maximum of ten pages from your research or process book (explaining the project process from idea to end product)
An executive summary on one A4 page explaining the project, the concept and the motivation
4. Put in the subject box of your email the category you are applying for: design, branding or product development. Mails without the category displayed in the subject box of the email will not be  accepted!
5. Send the email to with attachments not bigger than 8 MB!

-First Round:
Students will submit their graduation project and present the relevance of their final work to the industry. Their project must reflect fashion trends and commerciality with attention to the use of technique or technology. Students hand in photographs of the final product with a maximum of 10 pages from their research or process book (explaining the project process from idea to end product) accompanied by an executive summary on one A4 page explaining the project, the concept and the motivation. All applications must be accompanied by the standard registration form, fully filled in.

-Final Round:
Selected students will be asked to hand in their entire graduation project. Based on that work the finalist will be chosen. IAF will keep all information confidential and will not use any images or text without the permission of the contestant

The criteria:
The assessment criteria are applicable to all three categories. In the graduation project the student must have considered that he/she:
• Convincingly translates a personal vision for the fashion industry
• Is able to strike a balance between ambition, quality and feasibility
• Makes choices on the basis of relevant data and considers societal, professional, ethical and aesthetic aspects
• Displays breadth and depth in research and realization

The timepath in 2014:
• First announcement in March
• Reminder in April and June
• Announcement of companies offering internship during March, April and May
• First submissions expected in June
• Deadline to submit end of August
• Jury chooses three winners during first three weeks of September
• Announcement of winners at the IAF’s 30th World Fashion Convention in Medellín Colombia on September 30th
• Press releases first week of October
• Start of internships in October, depending on company

The Jury:
The jury will consist of the chairperson of the IAF Education Committee, representatives of companies, an IAF board member, a representative of the IAF Secretariat

The IAF:
The IAF is the international federation of fashion industry associations from over 60 countries all over the world. The members of these associations include over 200.000 companies, from small local brands to global brands and retailers; small and large manufacturing companies. Every year the IAF holds a convention where its members gather. The winners of the student award will be announced there and their work will be displayed. Additionally, the IAF activities are well-covered by the international trade press. With the student award the IAF wishes to demonstrate the importance of education and talent for the future of the industry it represents. For the IAF Student Award, Fashion United Education is our Media Partner.

The above information is from the IAF website here


  1. Byron

    Hey, thanks for posting these competitions, Just want to know if they’ve they released the winners names yet??

    1. Alis Klar Post author

      The winners will be announced on September 30th, stay tuned we’ll keep you updated!


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