Whether you’re a designer or industry professional, the importance of updating your online biography is paramount to your accessibility and therefore your success. After all, how can you make a living from your talent if no-one knows about it?

So why not start the new year by refreshing your “About Me” page and making a resolution for 2015 to keep your bio up to date with your progress.



The modern Curriculum Vitae is your online biography and it should hold all the answers to who and what you are for those seeking to employ you or report on your work.

Writing a biography can be a difficult task for many creatives who are more familiar with expressing themselves through their work which is not surprising when you consider that, as a creative, your training has been predominantly focused on defining your style and developing your skill in your chosen field. There are also elements of self-promotion which can be uncomfortable to many, such as how to write an interesting bio stating your achievements without sounding pretentious or completely tipping the scale and writing a logical, factual one without sounding boring.

Getting the right tone for your bio is as simple as having enough self-awareness to tell your own story in your own style. As a rule you should never try to appear to be what you’re not as the falsity is more obvious than you might realise and this is certainly one aspect of self-promotion that will turn people off. Don’t be afraid to include your personal views if they’re relevant to portraying you and your work.

Also remembering that what may seem immediately obvious to you may not be quite so clear to others, so make sure to clearly state who you are and what you do.



Below you can see an example of a clear, concise bio from fashion designer Claudia Gamba. She has created a striking banner image which clearly states her profession and expresses her style thereby removing the need for prolix explanation in the text. This can also be an advantage for reporters and editors who have just heard of you and are looking for succinct information.
Claudia’s bio is written in the third person which is an approach that some will find easier when it comes to describing personal influences and achievements in a manner that allows you a degree of comfortable detachment.

Claudia Gamba

To open your bio start with a short introduction to your personal details, for example, where you are from, what inspired you to choose your career path and if you have a particular interesting element to your life story don’t be shy to include it. These points can help to illustrate you as a person and create a more detailed portrait that may impress potential clients, employers, investors etc. and will also help to give the press a better idea of who they’re writing about.
However, the most important details are of your education and work experience so keep the introduction to a reasonable length and start a new paragraph.

Using paragraphs as segments will keep the information neat and readable and help you to check that you have covered everything and left nothing out.

Fashion Designer Eleni Kyriacou’s bio is a great example of this, she opens with a short paragraph on her ethos as a designer and a brand. The next paragraph states her current position and her final paragraph states her education and training.

Eleni Kyriacou

In this example you can see that designer Eftychia Sarri has spoken briefly yet eloquently about her journey to studying Fashion Design at Polimoda in Florence and noted an edification she took from her time there. By doing so we can understand something of Eftychia’s outlook and attitude.

Eftychia Sarri

If you have achieved recognition from notable companies don’t forget to list these names with a complete description of who, when and what this accomplishment involved. Add photos and images to show what it was that you did to gain the acknowledgement of these companies or agents.

Photographer Stoney Darkstone has achieved much recognition from notable magazines and has also won awards for his stunning photography and video pieces. His approach to writing his bio on our site was short and sweet as he let his sterling work and subsequent accolades speak volumes for him.

Stoney Darkstone

If you’re struggling to find your voice with your bio or simply would rather keep it simple and true to your style, this approach can work for you too, that is if your work reflects this level of accomplishment and professionalism. Therefore if you are a designer, model, make-up artist, stylist or similar, invest in hiring a top class professional such as Stoney Darkstone to present your work in it’s best possible light.

Similarly to listing recognition and accolades, if you have collaborated with another designer or a company, industry professional such as photographer etc. you can present your work together in this segment and note a positive result you had from collaborating.

Having a successful collaboration, group project, or even just a positive attitude to working on one could be important to a potential client or venture capitalist who may be seeking to start a new brand.

Keep in mind that when presenting yourself as a creative, you are sharing your talent with future collaborators and employers and inviting them to work with you. Believe in your work and tell your story like it is, so other professionals can know if you are truly what they’re looking for and the media can report accurately on your progress.

Whether you already have your own personal website or are in need of an online profile we invite you to join our Fashion Spyder network today where we support and promote designers and industry professionals.

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