Last year's H-ACK FASHION event.

Last year’s H-ACK FASHION event.

H-FARM – a Venture Incubator that invests in innovative small businesses, is back with H-ACK FASHION.
The 24-hour non-stop event dedicated to the development of digital ideas and projects for the fashion industry was held last weekend; 22 and 23 November.
H-ACK FASHION addressed current trends in the fashion industry’s technical atributes such as Wearable Technology; garments that transmit data about the body’s physical and emotional state, and how 3D printing is revolutionising the textile industry.

The format of H-ACK is directly inspired by the “Hackathon” marathons of 24 hours dedicated to hackers and involving IT developers, designers, graphic designers, interaction designers and marketing specialists.
Participants can register a Hackathon team or build one during the event to respond to the challenges posed by featured companies.
Every team must have 4 – 6 members and include every type of profile. Team members work in a very collaborative way: finance and marketing specialists deal with the market analysis, feasibility and sustainability of the idea; designers handle the graphic look, user interface and interaction design and developers realize the technical implementation.

The teams worked from Saturday morning to Sunday late morning. Mentors and companies’ representatives were present at all times to answer to their questions and doubts. The teams worked all night to complete the project and a chance to win the contests for each category.

Starting from Sunday late morning, each team presented their project to the companies, the other participants and a jury that chose the winning group (one for each brief) to receive a prize.
The best teams were awarded by the companies and could be selected to develop their projects in H-CAMP.

On Saturday afternoon they held two workshops organized by tech partner Epson Italia: one about Augmented Reality (with JoinPad) and the smart glasses Moverio BT-200 and another on digital textile printing (with FOR.TEX).
Tech partner PayPal’s APIs were also at the disposal of the groups to develop their projects.


H-FARM is a platform created with the aim of helping young entrepreneurs in launching innovative startups and supporting the transformation of Italian companies in a digital perspective.
The group was created within an ancient farming estate overlooking the Venice lagoon and through years of developing and strengthening its model through exchange and dialogue with global markets, H-FARM has now grown to an international level with offices in the United States, India and the United Kingdom.


This year the event attracted major companies such as Bonotto Editions, Diesel and Roda and leading Italian fashion and textile company, Miroglio Textile.
Miroglio spoke of H-ACK as an innovative and constructive way of bringing young talent into the world of business and companies, providing them with an opportunity to generate and contribute to the development of new ideas.
The teams presenting the best projects won a prize offered by each company and were invited to join the H-FARM startup accelerator programme: H-CAMP.

Find out more about this innovative group HERE
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