Dazzle was first conceived in 1981 by Tony Gordon and Christina Bola. With support from big names including Graham Hughes of Goldsmiths Hall, and Sir Timothy Clifford of Manchester’s City Art Gallery, they ambitiously managed to organise three exhibitions running concurrently at the National Theatre London, The Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester, and the Bede Art Gallery in Jarrow. The aim being to introduce talented and innovative jewellery designers to a wider audience.

Furthermore, and unusually for the time, all the work was for sale and available immediately, breaking with traditional exhibition rules.

Thirty three years later, Dazzle continues in its ambitious vein, making a point of exhibiting and promoting young jewellers as well as internationally renowned designers. Dazzle Contemporary Jewellery organises three exhibitions a year in Edinburgh, London and Manchester.

This year’s exhibition at the all at once productive and tranquil Dovecot studios in Edinburgh features young designers working with a variety of material, from traditional silver and gold to more unusual choices in paper and plastic. Featured designer Grace Hamilton states that her textile sculptures can be used both on and off the body.





Grace Hamilton

Grace Hamilton

While Jenny Llywellyn’s work takes inspiration from the luminous colours, shapes and movement of creatures from the deep sea. Using these elements to transform them into playful pieces that move with the wearer and glow in the dark.




Jenny Llewellyn

Jenny Llewellyn

LoveDazzle is the latest step in the movement – enabling you to purchase each designer’s work online.
Dazzle Exhibitions

Reported from Edinburgh by Liv Monaghan
Creatrice of Alto Figaro vintage Menswear

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