The London College of Fashion (LCF) has chosen Italian brand La Perla as the winner of it’s LCF Industry Partner Award 2015.


Together with their Careers Team, the college organises for students to work closely with a number of fashion industry partners who can give them the best possible experience to help them become informed and self-reliant individuals capable of creating their own careers in Fashion.

As a way of recognising this important influence the LCF created the Industry Partner Awards and give their appreciation to the supporting partners. Italian brand La Perla won the Newcomer Award they are, however, an established artisanal heritage dating back to 1954 when Ada Masottii, an artisan skilled in the tradition of hand crafted Italian corsetry founded a lingerie atelier in Bologna. The name “La Perla” was inspired by a case lined in red velvet in which she presented her creation as if they were jewels.
For their collaboration with the LCF, the Creative Director; Giovanni Bianchi, met with the students in London to present them with a high-profile brief that offered them the opportunity to design for the famous brand and for the selected top designer to be given a six month work placement at the La Perla headquarters in Bologna. However thanks to the high standard of designs offered by the students, the La Perla team were moved to re-evaluate their initial proposal and increased their offer to a total of four six-month placements.

Second Year work by Philippa MacConnachie, BA (Hons) Fashion Contour

Second Year work by Philippa MacConnachie, BA (Hons) Fashion Contour


Fashion designers who are still in education or are looking for a reputable Fashion School should keep aware of these fantastic oppertunities provided by schools and aim to be involved in as many initiatives as possible.

For more on this story visit The London College of Arts site HERE

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