Diversity NOW! Is a national student competition and the latest campaign from the award winning team at All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, founded by Erin O Connor, Caryn Franklin and Debra Bourne.

Founders Debra Bourne, Erin O'Connor Caryn Franklin

Founders Debra Bourne, Erin O’Connor Caryn Franklin

Diversity NOW! seeks the fashion talents of students in colleges up and down the UK to take part in showing their diverse views of aesthetics in any of the following categories:

WOMENSWEAR / MENSWEAR: One dress or garment that celebrates and embraces diversity of the body, this may include age, size, skin tone, height.

FASHION FILM: A short film (between 1 and 3 minutes) to promote beauty and fashion from a unique perspective. This film must promote the All Walks philosophy of a diverse range of body and beauty ideals and serve to communicate the beauty of individuality.

MAGAZINES: A four to eight page brochure covering the subject of diverse beauty and body ideals. Content must offer a unique take on the subject of individuality.

PHOTOGRAPHY: 1 to 4 photographic images that celebrate and promote diversity of the human form. The images should be high impact, capturing the essence of the All Walks philosophy.

JOURNALISM: One piece of energetic writing, charting a thoughtful and adventurous journey through or about image, to include a brief analysis the current culture of beauty and body ideals from your perspective. No longer than 800 words, to be entered directly into the text box on Arts Thread.

ILLUSTRATION: Most fashion drawings feature an exaggerated, stretched and narrow body. Could curvaceous voluptuous bodies or the beauty of older women be showcased in a successful illustration? How would the male body be portrayed? Diversity rules.


The above pictures are examples of work, from students who have been inspired by the All Walks lectures.
Think Diversity NOW! Take your lead from visionaries such as Vivienne Westwood, Nick Knight, Mark Fast, Lee Alexander McQueen and Chen Man to name a few, who prioritise pushing the boundaries and work consciously to make a statement around diversity.

The aim of this National Student Competition in association with i-D Magazine, sponsored by Succeed Foundation and supported by Graduate Fashion Week and Arts Thread, is to empower the next generation of creatives, from design, film, photography and journalism to create a fashion future that promotes a broader range of body and beauty ideals to truly celebrate individuality.
Diversity Now! is a design competition that calls for all creatives to envision a fashion future beyond stereotypes, that redefines boundaries and celebrates a wider range of beauty and body ideals in age, size, race and physical ability. A fashion future that empowers and emboldens the viewer and the wearer, envisioning impactful, emotionally considerate, commercially relevant practice in all areas of the industry.

Arts Thread, iD magazine and All Walks Beyond The Catwalk in collaboration with Graduate Fashion Week are coming together for the third year running to present their competition Diversity NOW! 2015. This will explore: Photography, Styling, Illustration, Graphic Design, Journalism and Garment Design and is open to any full time or part time student studying: fashion, graphic design, photography, journalism or illustration.
Winners, who can collaborate on entries or work as individuals, will be selected for best portraying the excitement of diversity.

All Walks Beyond The Catwalk founders Debra Bourne, Caryn Franklin and Erin O’Connor released a statement on the philosophy behind the release’s brief

“We believe Diversity can enhance Creativity not impede it. Like the multitude of silhouettes our industry creates, beauty is also individual. It’s not restricted by age, shape, skin-tone, size or body difference. Let’s celebrate inclusivity and normalise difference.”

The deadline for entries for the All Walks 2015 campaign to be uploaded onto Arts Thread will be midnight 21st March, with this edition looking for the top 3 entries per course.


Good luck to all students entering this contest.



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