Pitt Uomo is an important event on the fashion calendar for big name brands and veteran designers but for young brands and emerging designers it’s a crucial step toward establishing and growing a new client base and getting their work seen on a global scale.

This year the talented young footwear designer Alberto Premi was the star of the Pitti Italics edition; the Fondazione Pitti Discovery program that promotes and supports new generations of fashion designers whose work is created and produced in Italy but present on an international level.

Alberto won last year’s “Who’s On Next?” award in the accessories category, read about HERE, and has continued his production of trend-setting, progressive designs backed by in-depth research into materials and manufactured to high quality shoemaking standards in Italy.


The designer cites his inspiration for this season as of a metamorphoses between art, science, literature and technology;

“The fall / winter 2015 -16 celebrates metamorphosis: my event in Florence wants to be something really unusual for an experience in which colors, lights, shapes and technology are a perfect balance, then start to evolve.”


Alberto presented his AW 15/16 collection to the international public at Pitti Uomo with a special performance on Thursday 15 January, at the Cinema Alfieri. You can watch his a clip of his stellar presentation on the Pitti website at the following link:

Video of Pitti Italics: Alberto Premi – Pitti Immagine.



A video clip from the Who Is On Next? 2014 edition finalists.

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